Avio1 BTE


Thanks to a modern feature set, the new

digital programmable AVIO1 is designed to

satisfy many customers of today. Equipped

with a set of useful basic functions, such as

Feedback management, Background noise

reduction etc., AVIO1 provides digital hearing

at an attractive price.



Logarithmic 6 Channel WDRC

6 Gain Handles in Fitting Software

Background Noise Reduction

Microphone Noise Reduction

Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

Push Button with up to 3 Programs

Telecoil with M-T Balance

Fixed Directionality/ 2 microphones

Digital Volume Toggle

Stand-by Mode

Audible Signal Tones

Earwax Management System

Open and Closed configuration

On/Off switch via the battery door

Left/right side indicators

Direct Audio Input with automatic DAI